10 of the Most Useful and Free Android Apps

Technology has taken the lead in our lives, and there are advantages and disadvantages, from an individual’s perspective to another. But, if you succeed in managing it, technology is actually really helpful and you can accomplish so much with just an app. Besides social media ones, you’ll find incredibly useful ones for any age, needs, interests, and personality types.

However, you don’t have to worry, today we are going to make it easier for you to find the best ones. We present you the 10 most useful android apps that are free of charge:


If your curiosity makes you wonder what your foreign neighbours are fighting about, then you need Duolingo. It’s a highly-rated app that has continuously improved over the years, has a vast library of languages, from French, Spanish, German, to Swedish, Arabic, Japanese and beyond. If you are a Star Trek fan, you might want to know what the Klingons are talking about and Duolingo is the app that teaches you Klingonian. However, if you are more of A Song of Ice and Fire fan, High Valyrian might be the course you’ll go for.

Choose a language you’re interested in, start learning new things every day and compete with your friends.

Hasta la vista!

GamingClub App

The conflicting idea of wanting to go out and have fun, or just staying at home is way too familiar to most of us. But what if you can have the entertainment you desire, lay on the couch to play some games of chance, and make money at the same time?

GamingClub is the world’s first online casino and has an experience of over 25 years. That means it knows exactly what a player needs, and offers more. You will find daily, weekly, and monthly promotions, fun games, and a VIP club with even more rewards. Staying at home can become more entertaining than you would have thought!

gaming club


Save your plants from wilting with the help of SmartPlant’s wide database and find out what your once beautiful orchid needs.

You may search for your plant by name, category, or take a picture with the app and identify it with the help of description and images.

There is also a wish list you can use, or enter the name of the plant you own in the app and receive notifications of the optimal times to do certain things, such as moving it to direct sunlight.

Help your plant bloom again!



If you’ve ever wondered what type of tattoo suits you, where it should be placed or how would it actually look, you don’t have to get one to find out.

With this app, you may get inspired by a huge number of tattoo images that you can browse, follow your favourite tattoo designers, or search for specific styles. Plus, it helps you book your appointments at +25.000 tattoo shops from around the world.

Moreover, Tatoodo provides a platform for artists and gives them the chance to prove their abilities to potential customers, by creating an account and adding a portfolio.

An award-winning app is available for every tattoo lover out there!



Goodreads is every booklover’s dream, you have the possibility to discover books you’re interested in and explore genres. You get to offer and receive recommendations, scan books on the go, and keep track of the ones you want to read. This is the app you didn’t know you need, but you’ll be happy you’ve found.

Join the reading challenge and discuss with your friends through messages and reviews.

St John Ambulance First Aid

This app is worth mentioning, as it could save a life. It includes a list of emergency situations to choose from, such as “choking” or “chest pain” and leads you through every step, in order to help the person in need.

There are also guides to different useful techniques, such as CPR and even though the app isn’t very stylish, it compensates with its functionality and vital details provided.

While it doesn’t replace the benefits of a full first aid manual, it can be a blessing in times of need.

first aid


From time to time, we feel the need for a change in our living space, but we lack inspiration.

That’s why Houzz will be your next best friend, you can inspire through its library of millions of images, interiors and exteriors of various styles, read articles by design experts, or even ask the app community for suggestions.

The best part is that with the help of augmented reality, you will see how a product would look in your house.

It’s time you start redecorating like a pro!



If you are a fan of gifts, money, and great games, you should start your winning trip with Wildblaster. It is a promising online casino with great offers, many entertaining titles, tournaments with large stakes, and a top-quality, user-friendly platform.

Moreover, from the moment you register, you enter the VIP programme and increase your chances to get prizes. Select from a big collection of games and find your favourite one!


Being on a diet and measuring calories can be tricky.

Going out for dinner in a restaurant may turn into a problem, because salad is a basic meal on a diet and you may be craving something different, but can’t go past your calorie goal.

With CalorieCap you may choose a specific lifestyle, such as gluten-free, enter the maximum calories your meal should have, select any box you consider from the wide list, like carbohydrates, fat, sugar, and when you’re done, the app will show you the adequate meals from the popular restaurant chains, or you may select a restaurant and search the proper dishes for your diet.  


StorySign is an incredibly useful app for deaf children that struggle to learn to read. What this app does is that it translates children’s books into 14 different sign languages and so far, there are 5 popular books for each local sign language.

Make sure you have a physical copy of the book, open the app, scan the pages and bring the story to life. This way, they’ll be able to enjoy the books and learn to read in a fun way.

The app ecosystem is Android’s biggest strength, with more than 2.7 million apps and billions of downloads, fitted to any need. Searching through all of them would be a hassle, that’s why we have selected the most useful free ones. Get the ones that suit your needs and see how much easier and fun things become!

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