5 Easy Steps To Deal With Multiple Projects

From work to everyday routine tasks one comes across a set of obstacles. But one solves and manage such obstacles almost like clockwork and get things done. Small scale obstacles are easy to manage and most of the time go unnoticed. However big obstacles can catch an individual in frustration, anxiety, or stress. Therefore, it is always recommended to work with planning in every area of life. From simple home tasks to complicated work activities it is always better to plan them beforehand and then carry them practically one after another. This can save a lot of time as well as energy.

In the organization keeping track of multiple projects along with their deadlines can get complicated. Especially when it comes to managing teams’ things can get out of control. Thus, one must plan them according to deadlines and priorities. In organizational work managing is the key to better performance. Below are some strategies that will help loads in better management and control in an appropriate time:

Write the Tasks Down

When the tasks are assigned from the top hierarchy it is better to write them down in one place with the specified deadlines. Name and number them according to the priority and deadlines. Make sure to write them down in one place. Writing tasks in different places can mismanage things and create problems. One can miss deadlines and schedules without a hint.

 Secondly write them in a place visible to you all the time. It is inappropriate to write them down in a small notebook in the corner of the drawer that can be easily overlooked. One can miss important deadlines without even realizing it. The solution to this is to keep a small whiteboard and marker in the office and note them down. Whenever one walks into the room the tasks with the deadlines will be starring right ahead with minimum chances of being overlooked.

Write the Process Down

In order to manage multiple projects it is better to plan the activity before practically solving them. Yes, it to some extent frustrating to devise strategies before implementing them. It can take a lot of

  • Time
  • Energy
  • Concentration
  • Commitment

Keeping all this in check to devise a strategy to complete the project is not very charming but trust me It will help later in saving the same time, energy, concentration, and commitment. Moreover, it will increase the respect of the managing authority in the eye of employees when they realize how much committed and organized the management is. At the end of the day they will also put in the effort because they will know that the people around them are also omitted to their jobs.

Educate The Employees

In order to successfully manage an organization, it is better to let the employees feel like an important part of the organization. One must take steps to make them feel like they are more than just labor for the organization. It helps in better organizational commitment for the employees which in turn leads to lesser resource wastage and more employee loyalty.

When one is done planning for the task, the next step is to share the plan with the employees or team members. They when feeling involved with work with more enthusiasm. On the other hand, if the employees are just commanded to do certain tasks the commitment and enthusiasm level is less. They will automatically waste time and resources then. When one of the purposes of the organization is to make profits then it is foolish to increase business costs that can be controlled by psychologically managing employees.

Micromanage By Making Teams

One can break down responsibilities into portions. Organizational managers are given a huge number of tasks on a daily bases that are often very difficult to handle and complete. However, one is also given employees that can be effectively managed to complete responsibilities.

The most efficient way to manage multiple projects is via teams. One can make several teams with different members from 2 to 10 depending on the nature of work. And then assign different teams to different projects. This will help not only in creative problem solving but also lesser time period.

One can also use custom lanyards for different team identification and enthusiasm. For instance, use red lanyards for teams that have short deadlines and use blue lanyards for teams with flexible deadlines. 4inlanyards are best known for custom lanyards. They provide lanyards with different colors and printed lanyards with different quality materials. The delivery time is 48 hours. And the price? They provide the lowest price guarantee or its free.

Keep Check of the Progress

Progress updates are important to keep the employees on track. When people are not checked upon, they have the habit to leave today’s task tomorrow which can turn into a big problem not just for them but also for you as well. Keeping check of the progress can be helpful in the following ways:

  •       At various stages of the project it is better to have progress reports scheduled. It can be on a daily bases for projects that are of short-scale while for ongoing projects it can be once or twice a week.
  •       If the project is divided into small parts and then distributed among members, say A can does not work her part unless B completes his then it is in the best interests of everyone to keep check of the progress.

Progress check keeps one safe from surprises. If a member is going off track progress report will help catch the glitch in time (Elizabeth Douglas, 2020).

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