7 Ways to Grow Your CNC Machining Business

Whether you’re a rookie, a veteran or somewhere in the middle in the CNC machining field, there’s always room to grow your business. Even though you may have competitors, don’t give up hope. There is absolutely always a chance that you can grow and surpass all competition if you play your cards right. Here are just some of the ways that you can hit your goals and grow your CNC machining business.

1 .Network Like There’s No Tomorrow

Contacts are a vital component of any business, large or small. From dog walkers to the CEO of the largest company in the world, it’s often about who you know. And that’s true for your CNC machining business, too. Having contacts in marketing, other businesses and in your customer base will help you reach more people. Use the power of social media, build a great website and leverage the use of LinkedIn. And don’t forget to stay in-the-know about important events in your industry and attend as many as you possibly can. 

2. Find Your Specialty

With dozens of competing businesses all looking to offer the same thing on the surface, you need to build upon what makes you stand out. Maybe you specialize in custom parts or rapid prototyping, or your production is just something you’re really proud of. Many customers will come to your business based on what you do best. From there, you can earn their loyalty by providing them with an exceptional experience.

3. Offer Rewards

Offering rewards is a great way to gain loyalty from existing customers and get them to refer you to their friends and colleagues. It encourages free promotion, without the need of top PR companies, which means you won’t have to worry about spending money that isn’t in your budget. It’s true that your business might benefit from special marketing and growth tactics as you reach out to brand new customers, but at what cost. Leverage your relationships with existing customers to help you gain new customers, which will help you build up your business for years to come.

4. Give the People What They Want

It can be a poor choice to take on jobs outside of your current capabilities, but if there’s a high demand for diversifying what you offer you might reconsider. It may be a good idea to look into taking on new types of products that are within your reach and will have cost-efficient results. The more things you offer, the more people will consider you, which in turn, will help you grow in terms of customer base and revenue. 

5. Expand When the Time is Right

Expanding before you’re ready can be a huge mistake, so don’t rush. There’s really no need to expand in the beginning when you’re just getting off the ground. Steady gains over fast, forward leaps is the way to go at first. However, with a growing business comes more demand and more revenue. And once you’ve gotten the revenue and demand you need, you’ll be free to expand your business as you see fit. Don’t forget to measure cost-efficiency before you invest in a second location and new machinery, however. 

6. Keep An Open Mind

New technology is always coming into play, including in the CNC machine industry. Although it can be costly to set up and train people to work with new tech, ignoring it can set you back in the long run. You really don’t want to become outdated — or even worse, old fashioned. Keep your eyes open for new machinery and equipment that could aid you in the future, even if you can’t afford it just yet.

7. Keep an Eye on Your Competitors 

Although watching competitors creep up on you or fly miles ahead in terms of growth can make you feel inadequate, it pays to be aware of what your competitors are doing. This is true of those competitors who are in the fledgling stage, too. Pay even closer attention to your competition in times of economic volatility. Market fluctuations can slow down the commercial side of manufacturing, which can force companies to lower their prices or speed up their production. If you don’t roll with the punches, your business could be seen as one that’s too expensive or too slow and nobody may be able to justify working with you. 

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