A Curious Case of VPN!

The title of the article is chosen fittingly as the users are pretty much concerned and curious to learn about the VPN and its usage. VPN or virtual private network provides a secure tunnel for your online traffic to move over the internet while also keeping you anonymous. But how does VPN work and whether or not it really does protect your data? are some questions asked by potential user. Before answering these questions lets first talking about how internet has affected our lives.  

It seems like we are living in two different worlds moving simultaneously, the actual world and the digital world. Everything seems the same in both of worlds except for the method through which we interact with one another. From grocery shopping to banking and social interaction only mode through which we communicate differs. Moreover, the way we have some bad elements in our society such as robbers the internet world also has bad characters known as cyber criminals. 

For that reason, we definitely need some sort of security to protect our self over the internet like we need safety equipment to protect our home. We need something that is Super-Fast and Super Secure solution to sort out any threats that our out there. We need sense of ease when doing internet banking online or when we are sharing confidential files online, don’t we? 

Importance of VPN:

The three very important feature that VPN offers are its Encryption technology, masking of the IP address and Location and content accessibility and these features are selected considering the threats posed by ISP’s, Spy eyes and Governmental institutions spying on online traffic and the curtailment of internet freedom by banning online content.

Encryption technology


As discussed above VPN helps in encrypting all your data that is going out of our system. This encryption turns our original text into random numbers that makes it impossible to interpret by anyone who is spying on data packets. The decryption key remains with you and with the VPN service providers only. This feature is key in order to protect personal and sensitive data travelling over the internet from threats posed by organization spying on our activities. There are lots of encryption technologies used by different VPN networks but among them AES Encryption system is the best which is the Military grade encryption system and best technology available. CASVPN for one uses this technology and because of this reason makes them the best option for VPN users.


Hide My IP address and location and dedicated fast servers:

Another Feature that is really attractive about VPN is their ability to mask the real IP address and location with that of a remote server’s IP address and location. Express VPN, Nord VPN and even CASVPN offers huge network of servers that covers most countries around the world. This masking of IP address and Location helps you remain anonymous as anyone trying to spy on your activity will be misled and will not know the real location. Another benefit of these servers is that they provide short cuts for our data packets or traffic to travel over the Internet which speeds up our browsing process and eventual make browsing experience faster. 


Content Accessibility:

The remote servers also allow you to access any content throughout the world as there are few websites or apps not prohibited in some part of the world and in order to access them simply just connect to VPN choose server of other country where there is more freedom of internet and access any site you want and watch your favorite movies, TV shows and Sports. Most people living outside USA choose US as their server and get connected to American Netflix, Hulu, FuboTV and watch ever they like and want. 

Other key VPN features:

  • NAT-Firewall Protection
  • Ad-Blocker
  • Public Wi-Fi security
  • Malware Protection
  • Data packet inspection
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Fast and secure Servers


The features VPN offers can really help you keep secure and protect your privacy. It is all about our priority and our preferences but it is recommended to secure not only our systems through anti-virus, malware protection software and NAT firewalls but also the activities we perform online from internet threats. CASVPN, Nord and Express are highly recommended as they offer most advance security features and 24/7 customer support to make internet experience as safe as possible.

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