Animation Desk: An Advanced Animation Maker 

If you are looking for an advanced animation maker software to design your own animations, then Animation Desk is the best solution for you. This Animation software is an advanced and super easy software available for all the PC and Mobile platforms.

Animating is not an easy task as it requires a lot of knowledge and skills. This Review will help you to know more about Animation Desk, its special drawing tools and how you can get started with this software on an iPad or iPhone, Android and Windows 10 System.

What is Animation Desk?   

Unlike other 2D and 3D animation software, this software serves an easy-to-use interface. This software is designed for both, non-professional or beginner and professional animators. The software has a huge number of tools which are ready-to-use for you.

What’s new?

You just need to explore the list of the available tools and brushes and select it to use on the main screen. The main screen acts like a Canvas paper on which you can unleash your creativity. The app has over 46 brushes of different sizes allowing you to use the right one for your animation and drawing.


This software supports 3 Sketch Layers and a Background layer of drawing for non-premium subscribers. Premium subscriber gets 8 Sketch Layers and a 1 Background layer. You can easily switch between the layers from the left sidebar of the app. You can also change order of the layers.

You can importing your videos and images to the different layers and add animations upon them.



Animation Desk provides an easy way to manage and edit sequences of frames with a single frame viewer. It’s very easy to duplicate, reallocate or repeat the frames.


different frames

Various Export Format

Animation Desk is an all-in-one animation and drawing app that lets you export your project work in different file formats. Instant sharing option lets you share your animation video or project to your loved ones with just one click. You can share your work on a number of platforms, the app allows you to trim the video of animation to fit to your social media networks.

You can show off your creativity to your friends by uploading the animation video on various social networks. You can save your projects in different file formats such as MOV, GIF, PSD layers, PDF, and GIF formats.

Competition and Events

Animation Desk is running an annual iAniMagic animation competition. Signing up in the App so you won’t miss this event if you have talent and want to get yourself rewarded.


  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface
  • User can import voice recording, photos, videos to your animation sequence
  • A large number of brushes
  • Supports nine layers
  • Support various export formats


  • Audio and transaction need to be done in other app
  • Better to draw with a stylus
  • Ideal for animation beginner and students, but it does require certain drawing skills and basic animation concept

Final Words

Animation Desk is a very useful and easy-to-use application for creating short animation videos. Besides the fact that it does not support audio editing in the app, the app is the best animation app loaded with handful tools on the App Store, Play Store and Microsoft Store.

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