Are You Entitled To Compensation For Your EasyJet Flight?

Whenever you buy something, you do so with the reasonable expectation that you will get what you paid for. In the case of an airline ticket, the objective is to fly on the scheduled date and time. When this does not happen for some reason, you obviously would like to get your money back. Ironically, it is not always that simple. This is why you need to know what qualifies you for an Easy Jet flight refund. According to Travel Refund, “Delays of three hours more qualify passengers for compensation”. There are certain stipulations to this, so it is important to know exactly what your rights are and how to go about exercising them.

Who Should You Speak With To Get Help?

To begin with, you need to know who to talk to. As soon as a flight is delayed or canceled you will want to notify the proper department that you intend to file a claim. This is not the gate agent or the people who check you in. They are usually powerless to help you. Instead, you will want to contact the customer service department in order to get the assistance that you require. If you are already at the airport, then you might think about starting there. In many cases, you never even made it to the airport due to a cancelation.

In that case, you will want to contact them on the telephone. If you are not getting anywhere with a particular person on the phone, then you should ask for a supervisor in order to make progress on your Easy Jet flight refund.

What Events Qualify For Compensation?

Not every cancelation or delay will qualify you for compensation, but quite a few do. Weather, for example, is a situation that the airline can claim they have no control over. That being said, if a flight is canceled and you can no longer make your trip then you should expect some type of compensation. This may be in the form of a travel voucher or cash. There are situations where a delay causes you to miss a connection. In many cases, this will qualify you for compensation as well.

Airlines who do not staff properly and have to cancel or delay a scheduled flight because of that may be liable for compensation as well. In short, there are laws in place to protect the consumer so you will want to take advantage of those. Keep in mind that you may have to work a bit to get the compensation that is supposed to be coming your way.

Understanding what qualifies you for an Easy Jet flight refund will help you to know what steps to take next. It is never any fun to spend money and then to not receive what you paid for. Just know that there are laws in place to protect you. If you are legitimately entitled to compensation, then it is important to stand up for your rights and work until you get the proper resolution. It will come in due course, so do not give up.

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