Benefits of Having a Coffee Area in the Office

Did you know that by having a coffee area, you are not adding a perk, but giving your staff the additional benefits that come with it? Coffee is the most popular beverage on the planet, with over 2 billion cups consumed daily. Apart from being a kick-start to your day, it is a refreshing drink during breaks and the perfect pick-me-up on a hectic day. The beverage is also essential for people’s social lives, and an extension of coffee culture in workplaces is not surprising. Here are some benefits a company reaps from introducing an office coffee area:

Increased Productivity

Many people enjoy taking breaks in a coffee shop amidst the buzz of the bustling environment. Having a caffeine boost before diving into tasks is an excellent energy boost. The downside of going to a café down the street is the minimal resources to support your work. For instance, the noise can make it impossible to have a phone conversation, or the internet may be too slow. Many companies are moving to relaxed office layouts, and an essential component of an agile workspace is providing different coffees for the staff. A work café is a dynamic space that boosts collaboration, improves focus, and offers relaxation and refreshment. You can set up the place to suit the needs of the staff and buy coffee online. Once you have the coffee area, it will be a welcoming environment for socialization and a hub for productivity for the employees.

A Happiness Booster

Office coffee had a bad reputation since many companies provided a jar of generic and instant tasting beverage. Many companies have reformed and now get different types of coffee beans from reputable organizations like Kent and Sussex Tea and Coffee Company. Offering a free drink contributes to overall employee happiness in the office. It is a morale booster and is one of the small perks that make the employees feel valued. A decent cup of coffee achieves the same motivation as an office party. Luckily, putting together a coffee area does not cost a fortune. All you need to do is set the right ambience, find a coffee machine, and buy coffee beans online or in your preferred store.

Creates a Positive Workplace Culture

Having office coffee can support the physical, emotional, and cognitive well-being of staff. You can buy coffee beans online from Kent & Sussex Tea Company for a tasty cuppa and give your employees a break from their schedules and time to reenergize. Getting the coffee area design right is also vital to ensure employees can enjoy the coffee breaks. Therefore, dedicating an area with comfortable furniture and serving various types of coffee will encourage your staff to unwind after intensive tasks.

Improves Concentration

How many times do employees in your organization go out for coffee breaks? Leaving the office multiple times reduces the amount of work done. Besides, an employee takes longer to complete a task after a long break. Providing coffee reduces visits to the café and saves time. Caffeine also improves alertness, increases concentration, and helps people to absorb and retain information. Although employees could bring in their coffee, they will have a midday slump when they run out. Therefore, stocking your coffee area with different coffees from Kent & Sussex Tea Company will help employees during the day. It will help them to accomplish more tasks in less time and have a positive effect on their memory.

Social Interaction and Collaborative Opportunities

Before the introduction of office break rooms, employees rarely met at work unless it was during a meeting. A break room provides a collaborative space for staff to share ideas over a beverage. Instead of spending the whole day in their office, they can use the break room to socialize, which boosts creativity and improves work quality through varied opinions. Research shows that coffee breaks promote cohesion and provide a sense of belonging to employees.

For maximum utilization of the coffee area, ensure you stock it with various types of coffee to ensure every employer gets their preferred beverage. You can buy coffee online or get different types of coffee beans for gourmet and specialty coffees.

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