Best Anti Fog Sprays for VR Headsets

In the 21st century, the Virtual Reality Headset is one of the most popular gadgets being used by the people. With the number of users increasing with each passing day, the VR Headsets are also being technically modified with the installation of additional features. But one of the unpreventable problems that users of the VR Headsets complain about is the development of fog while using it. You may have the question that why does fog develop on the VR lenses? The answer involves a few scientific phenomena. But in simple terms, it happens because of the condensation of the moisture on the lenses. The condensation takes place because of the noticeable difference in the high temperature of our body and the comparatively low temperature of the lenses.

This problem is faced by almost every user of VR Headsets. But you need not worry about this problem because like all other problems, this also has got many solutions. You can keep the headset in a warmer place so that the lenses and your body temperature do not have much difference. But the other method of solving the problem is to use anti-fog sprays. Usage of anti-fog sprays has been the most popular and handy of the different solutions available. In this article, we make some efforts to give information to you about the different anti-fog sprays which are also the most effective ones.

1. McNett Tactical OP Drops

This is perhaps the best anti-fog solution available at the market. This solution does not contain alcohol and is exclusively made for lenses of all types, though it can be used on other objects where anti-fog solutions are needed to prevent fogging. The microfiber cloth is complementary to the solution. So, you need not worry about using this solution as you are being availed to the other requirements besides the anti-fog solution for prevention from fogging.

2. ZEISS AntiFOG Spray

This is also one of the most used anti-fog sprays you will come across. The effect of this spray is extremely long-lasting and can stay up to 72 hours. Since the effect lasts so long, you can imagine the cost-effectiveness of this product. To get the best result of this product, you need to take a soft piece of cloth, preferably cotton, and moisten it with this solution and gently press on the surfaces of the lens until it becomes completely dry. Also, this process is fast and does not require you to spend your precious moments on solving such an unprecedented situation.

3. Frog Spit Anti-Fog Spray

We are happy to let you know about this time-saving product. This is a completely natural product which is soluble in water and is bio-degradable. The usage of this product is also very simple. You just need to spray this solution on the lenses of your VR Headset and wait for some time to dry. Unlike other anti-fog solutions, you need not even gently press to spread the solution and keep doing so until it dries. And remember, you are getting a completely eco-friendly product and doing a greater good.

4. Clearview VR Antifog Spray

This product is also an eco-friendly one. It contains no toxic chemicals and this is a multipurpose anti-fog solution. All you need to do is moisten a pure cotton cloth with this solution and gently press it on the surfaces of the lens and keep doing so until it dries up. Moreover, this product is quite cost-effective since the effect lasts for about a whole day with only a single application of it.

5. Jaws Quick Spit antifog

This product is one of the most popular anti-fog solutions available in the market. Each bottle of this solution lasts for more than 200 sprays. This also contains no harmful chemicals and is eco-friendly. This solution works on both glass as well as plastics, so if your lens is not made up of glass, you need not worry about the usage of this product. And you will be glad to know that this solution is quite long-lasting, thereby making your usage a cost-effective one.

Fog build-up can be one of the most irritating things happening to you. After a tiring day when you decide to free up yourself from all the stresses and wear your VR headset, fog build-up ruins everything. It adds to the burdensome day of yours, driving you to a near-crazy condition. But this is not going to happen any longer as we have presented at your disposal the solution to this problem. All you need to do is spend two to three extra minutes before you start chilling. The anti-fog solutions mentioned above are affordable. Not only they are affordable but are available at a reasonable price, too. So, do not think any more. Get one of these and have a completely unhampered experience with your lovable VR Headset.

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