Common Problems You Can Encounter With HubSpot and Your Best Alternatives

If you have been using tools in the digital marketing space for enhancement and seamless functioning of your business, then HubSpot is an obvious and popular choice. HubSpot offers a complete pack of software to take care of marketing, sales and customer service, with a robust CRM support. 

In marketing automation, HubSpot has a market share of around 22.43% with over 95 thousand websites using their services. The market share numbers are high for content management and inbound marketing as well. According to statistics, users who use HubSpot see a 79% improvement on an average in sales revenue after the first year. Overall, it might be to be the perfect solution for your business. 

However, nothing is perfect in this world! 

There are certain common problems in HubSpot as well like any other tool on the internet. Let’s discuss a few and find out the best alternatives. 

It is not a ‘magic’ wand: HubSpot can provide end-to-end for support for business goals and marketing strategies, but it won’t work on its own. Marketers often perceive that they chosen the best and no more work needs to be. The tool cannot solve the problem if there a basic problem at source. For example, if executives are lacking with marketing deliverables or there is inconsistency in content or social engagement, HubSpot cannot fix it magically. It only enhance results for you rather than creating the actual results for you. So, the key is to understand the bottlenecks yourself and resolve the issues at source. When HubSpot is implemented on strong marketing initiatives, it can create miracles. 

It is an overall enabler, not for a single goal:  HubSpot is not for those who are just looking for a single objective. It is only useful and works to its best when marketing initiatives work in tandem. So if you are not planning to utilize 3 or more features of HubSpot, then it is not worth the value. For example, HubSpot offers different pricing packages from small, medium or large organizations, but if you want a single feature like email marketing or social media marketing, then it is not the best choice. So it is important to understand and assess your requirements and then opt for a tool like HubSpot. Else you can check the feasibility of other tools in the market to meet your needs. 

It won’t cater to your specific needs: When your needs are specific, then HubSpot might not always suffice your purpose. For more complex automation requirements, there is a possibility of building your own customized software rather than buying it. HubSpot offers a wide range of specified services which most of the companies might require, but for very niche needs HubSpot will not product the desirable results. 

Apart of these, sometimes HubSpot analytics might not give you the desired result and needs to be supplemented with Google Analytics for precise and better results. One more aspect is the pricing which many smaller enterprises might find to be a bit steep. 

There are various HubSpot alternatives in the market which are equally robust and pocket-friendly. One of the best options for end-to-end digital marketing solution is EngageBay.

EngageBay provides end-to-end digital marketing and automation services at affordable rates. It offers almost similar features as HubSpot, but at a much cheaper rate. It is one of the best alternative solution for growing companies in terms of cost and functionality. There is no on-boarding fee and annual contracts. Companies can save as much as 90% of the transition cost to EngageBay without losing any features. Unlike HubSpot, EngageBay is suitable for single feature needs as well. 

While assessing the best alternatives for HubSpot for your digital marketing, sales and customer service needs, Engagebay will definitely fit the bill and your pocket too!

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