Consider Your Hair Type When Selecting Earrings

With so many earrings available today, women find they often struggle to find the perfect pair to wear with an outfit. Earrings should complement an outfit while drawing attention to the face and hair. Fortunately, ladies find they can pick the right pair if they consider certain elements of their look. For instance, a woman’s hair type provides clues as to which earrings they should choose.

Short Hair

Short hair allows the earlobes to remain exposed, which means women can wear earrings of any size and shape, including hoops at Adina’s Jewels. Look for some cute stud earrings with diamonds, rubies, or sapphires. Consider going with a gold or silver pair, depending on the selected outfit and where they will wear it. Another option to consider would be clusters of long metallic strands. This style sweeps along the neck and won’t hide in long tresses.

Ladies with a pixie cut may wish to look into earring jackets and cuffs. They provide a fresh look to any outfit, and the shape plays a large role in this. Opt for a style that makes use of only one color, so the earring doesn’t make the outfit look too busy. Many women choose crystals and diamonds for their earring jackets or cuffs to add a touch of glamour to their outfits.

Long Hair

Women with long hair find they need dramatic earrings that their hair won’t conceal. Studs and tiny balls aren’t appropriate for these ladies, as others won’t see the earrings under the hair. Look for long earrings that peek through when the hair moves. Ovals and rectangles look great with long tresses, as they follow the course of the hair. However, women with long hair have a benefit over those with other hair lengths.

When the hair is in an updo for any reason, it’s time to pull out the studs and tiny balls. They become visible when the hair is off the face and will complement an elegant outfit or casual attire. Keep a selection of earrings on hand, as your choices expand significantly based on how you choose to wear your hair on any given day.

If studs are the desired option when the hair is down, choose a pair of dramatic gemstone studs. Black onyx or pearl earrings will stand out because of their striking appearance. Make certain others can see them, however, as you want the most of your look and the exclusion of this accessory detracts from your overall appearance.

Shoulder Length Hair

Shoulder length hair creates a defining line at the shoulders. Use this line as a reference point when selecting earrings, and purchase pairs that are large and colorful without extending below this line. Women find chandelier and statement earrings often serve as the perfect choice, but long and thin earrings get lost in their tresses. Choose earrings that fill the open space around the face for an outstanding look.

shoulder length hair

Curly Hair

Women with curly hair know how difficult it can be to choose earrings that won’t get caught up in their locks. The hair comes with a lot of drama and movement, so finding statement earrings that complement the hairstyle becomes challenging. Studs serve as a perfect choice for these women, as they won’t get caught in the hair. When you want more flair, go with hoop earrings. The curve of the hoops complements the natural hair and untangling any strands that get caught isn’t difficult.

Hoop Earrings

Women often question whether they should wear hoop earrings. In fact, many women say their biggest challenge comes in deciding which hoops to pair with which hairstyle and face shape. Wear a pair of hoops if you want to add some curves to your face or need to add the illusion of weight. Women with a long face and long hair find they benefit from investing in hoops because they provide the face with some balance while adding dimension. Ladies who have a round face, however, should try to avoid hoops, as they make the face look rounder than it is.

Hair Color

Hair color also plays a role in which earrings a woman should choose. In fact, the earrings a woman chooses are of great importance in her overlook look, as they sit at the hairline on women with short hair. For those ladies with long hair, the earrings sit in the background while drawing attention to her face. Which colors should be worn based on the shade of your hair?

Every woman finds they can wear metallic earrings. Gold and platinum, for example, look good with any outfit, and the same holds true for faceted diamonds. Consider your overall color scheme to see if you should choose a warm metal, like gold, or a cool one, such as silver, based on your overall coloring.

Blonds find they do best when they choose colorful earrings. White earrings leave them looking washed out, and no woman wants this. Look for reds and blues, as they leave a blond looking radiant. Try other colors as well to determine if they enhance the appearance or detract from it.

Brunettes, in contrast, look great when wearing white earrings. These females also benefit from earrings in pastel shades. Many brunettes invest in gemstones with an orange tone, as they help to bring out the rusty highlights in dark hair. Try a pair of earrings with a sparkling orange tone to see how they transform your look.

Redheads should avoid red or hot pink earrings, as they clash with their gorgeous hair. Choose blues, greens, and turquoises to temper the natural hair color. Purple serves as another great option for these women.

Match your earrings to your hairstyle, face shape, and outfit for a polished look. However, don’t let a pair of favorite earrings sit in your jewelry box because they don’t follow these guidelines. Wear them anyway, as your personal style belongs to you. If you feel confident wearing them, put them on. You’ll look and feel better when you do, and everyone around you will pick up on that.

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