Facebook Video Downloading: Why and How to Save Videos? 

FB now has more than 2.6 billion users, and that number is growing every day. Facebook’s popularity is due to several reasons, and one of them is that FB is a vast treasure trove of different content. There you may come across funny videos, tutorials, in-depth guides, live streaming, and lots of other content that will be useful to users from different niches.

It is a platform where you may boost your sales dramatically, find like-minded people and influencers, customers and competitors, friends and acquaintances. You are free to communicate, engage, sell, buy, develop, promote or have fun there.

The flow of excellent content and cool information never ends here. And even video viewing is gaining steam here, which means it’s time for YouTube to start worrying about acquiring a rival. But the problem is that FB does not let you save its content off the platform. Do you wish to watch the video again? Then go to the platform to replay it. 


But there’s so much groovy content on FB that sometimes it’s a good idea to keep it in a safe place to browse in your leisure time. How not to lose it? Just save it in a trustworthy folder so you may freely view it at a convenient time, even without internet access. How can I download video from Facebook to my device if the platform itself does not provide this option? What are the benefits of saved content?

Read below about reasons that may change your thoughts about video downloading, and you will consider keeping content a necessity.

Why is it useful to download content?


  • Save for sharing with your audience


Working with content and its relevance is not the most uncomplicated process. The audience needs to “be fueled” and engaged all the time. The content on your profile is one of the main components of your account’s success and its popularity inside social media. So if you come across a good video and wish to share it on FB later, save it on a secure device, and don’t forget to mention the author when you post it.


  • Store for your inspiration


A folder with inspiring content will be a reference point for you even when your ideas for a blog or other forms of content will come to naught. Inspiration is what drives our progress and is the result of even business growth. What do you think?


  • Save for your professional growth


Guides, educational videos, step-by-step instructions, etc., will always be on hand. You may learn a new field or deepen your business knowledge at any time.

You don’t need the internet or access to Facebook. Even the most boring trip to the world’s secluded parts can become worthwhile while exploring content offline. 

How to save media content from FB

Here are easy ways and Facebook video downloader versions to assist you in saving FB videos on any device.

Save with web-based tools

Unfortunately, there are many pirate versions of Facebook video downloaders on the internet which contain malicious links. It is why video downloaders are not so easy to use. Here are some easy and safe ways to get your videos.

If you desire to get a video in seconds and are not going to keep a plethora of videos every day, you may try cloud-based tools. For example, FBDown (pc, android); Downvids (iPhone, pc, android); Savefrom (iPhone, pc, android); Keepvid, Keepoffline, Getfvid (all for desktop and mobile), etc. 

Such services don’t need installation and have, in general, three steps downloading process:

  • copying a video address;
  • inserting it into a cloud-based downloader;
  • pressing a “Download” button.

NB: many savers suggest choosing a video format and location before starting to upload.

Save with apps

If saving media content is (or will become) your daily routine, you might want to consider tools that contain more features but require installation and registration. It is an option for you to be more comfortable with multiple video downloads on your phone or computer.

There is not a great variety of high-quality downloaders among phone apps. But there are a couple of proven ones like Fastvid (android) MyMedia( iPhone). While Fastvid saves videos in much the same way as online uploaders, MyMedia is not a direct uploader, but this tool uses other services to store content in your gallery. 

Anyway, all downloading apps for phones require installation (from Play/App Store) and sometimes signing in.

Last thoughts

Whatever the purpose of downloading content is (to postpone an educational video for later or as a source of inspiration), be careful in your choice of tools. There are a vast number of “counterfeit” devices, not only amongst Facebook video downloaders. So pick out a safe way to download FB content and enjoy the stored content anytime!

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