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Thanks to you all, both the T.G.S. Curated Shop and the T.G.S. Patreon Program have grown significantly over the past year, which has allowed this site to shift from near-complete reliance on a third-party sponsorship/affiliate supported business model to one that’s self-sustaining. Not only do I believe that this is the healthiest approach in terms of keeping the site economically viable over the long term, but it’s been far more satisfying to me personally to select, vet, and choose my own curated set of recommended products, as opposed to relying on third-parties to deliver the writing experience readers ultimately expect after making a purchase following a review or other guidance I’ve offered.

For today’s mid-year recap post, I decided to focus on my five favorite products introduced in 2022, with a single selection from different product categories. I’ve got one pen, a paper product, a planning product, pen cases, and some washi tape (NSFW alert). I hope you enjoy using these products as much as I’ve enjoyed selecting and stocking them.

  1. TWSBI Swipe Fountain Pen in Salmon. While the Swipe fountain pen is available in several other colors, for some reason this muted orange grabs me. I still haven’t picked one out for myself because I haven’t decided on the perfect matching ink (as one does).

  2. Clairefontaine French-Ruled Looseleaf Sheets. My favorite stationery product of all time, and the one that started me down this personal rabbit hole of obsession, is now available in the shop! While the looseleaf sheets are a personal favorite, I love Clairefontaine’s French-ruled paper in general, and it’s available in notebook form.

  3. Midori MD Diary Stickers. While they’re not huge sellers – probably because people are puzzled as to how, exactly, to use them – these simple and inexpensive planning products have revolutionized my own work notebooks because they easily allow me to set up a month-per-page calendar. The stickers come dated or undated.

  4. Lochby Cases. I talked yesterday about the Quattro Four-Pen Case, and how it’s one of the best products I’ve reviewed this year. In general, the Lochby case lineup (and accompanying 68gsm Tomoe River paper products) have been a massive success, as I’m always on the lookout for quality waxed canvas products given their durability and aesthetics as they wear over time.

  5. Grown-Person Washi Tape. Because sometimes you just need something that quickly describes the day in your journal without having to actually rehash it.

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