How I Use My Hourglass (And Tell Us How You Use Yours!) — The Gentleman Stationer

Personally, I can’t stand using my phone as an alarm. While of course it’s sometimes necessary (for example, when you need to be somewhere important and you can get into the zone and just not notice the hourglass), I find any sort of alarm or alert jarring and disruptive to flow and concentration. An analog timer like an hourglass is a much gentler, more serene method of timing that I I actually enjoy and look forward to using. So tell us, if you’ve purchased one (from us or elsewhere), how do you use yours? I honestly love to hear how these products are put to work in the real world!

The T.G.S. Curated Shop currently has hourglasses (or “sandglasses”) available in four different intervals (30, 15, 5, and 3 minutes), and multiple colors. Of all the colors, I would have to say the Amber is my favorite, followed by the Green or Turquoise, though of course it’s a matter of personal preference!

The T.G.S. Curated Shop is an authorized retailer of all products shown, including Hightide Hourglasses and other accessories.

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