How to Maintain an Efficient Website

When it comes to maintaining your website it’s important that you don’t take your eye off the ball and allow for simple, untested errors to lead to a poor user experience for your visitors, and more importantly, your potential customers. If you focus on keeping the quality of your content at a high level, ensuring the experience is fast, robust, easy to navigate and conversion focused then you can prevent any costly issues such as visitors bouncing away to a competitor’s website, or losing out on those all-important sales conversions because your shopping cart is broken. In this article we’ll take a brief look at some of the ways you can keep your website in tip top shape.

Always double check your copy for simple, preventable mistakes

First impressions are critical when it comes to the Internet because you only have a matter of seconds to grab the attention of your target audience and assist them to your precious conversion points. An often-overlooked aspect of web design and development that can have a dramatic impact on user experience are simple, preventable copy errors. Always make sure you double check your copy for grammatical and spelling mistakes to make sure your visitors get a good impression of your business. Sloppy mistakes suggest a lack of investment not only in your customer’s experience but also in your attention to detail. Consider hiring a professional copy proof reader or editor to run through your website and pick out any potential mistakes.

Test everything

Testing is key to a professional website launch because it ensures that the various applications, links, integrations and general navigation all work just as they should rather than leading potential customers around in circles and up the garden path. You can find plenty of online usability testing services to help you figure out what works and what doesn’t. Don’t forget to ensure to test for browser compatibility, different devices and screen sizes and with mobile applications you can employ specialists to assist with Appium Testing to ensure robust mobile platform outcomes.

Focus on conversion strategy and testing

Once you have ascertained the goals and objectives of your website or application and have laid out the critical metrics and measurables that will inform your success and dictate ongoing tasks and testing, it’s important to apply these goals to a considered conversion strategy. Whether you are using pay per click (PPC) advertising models, social media marketing or search engine optimization (SEO) to deliver targeted traffic to your website it’s important that you don’t waste the traffic you’ve invested in (and all traffic acquisition is an investment and incurs a cost over time) and you drive them efficiently to your conversion points. 

You need to make sure that your landing page strategy focuses on delivering a seamless experience from source (advert, search query etc.) to landing page; ensuring that visitor expectations are met and that your calls to action are well designed and do the job. Make sure you use your website analytics to help you measure, test and tweak your conversion strategies to ensure the maximum return on investment.

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