Laptop Rentals – Get the Tech Your SMB Needs

Investing in new laptops for your team is a serious investment for any small and medium-sized business. Selecting the wrong laptops can leave your team without the tools they need to complete tasks on the go and to meet the production demands of your business. Instead of blindly trusting the salesperson at the computer store or online reviews, testing different laptop options before you buy is the best way to know that you’re getting the right laptops for your SMB. 

Creatively minded

It’s no surprise that creatively-minded individuals often work best in non-traditional work environments. Putting the right laptop in the hands of those in creative fields allows them to work from anywhere to get the artistic juices flowing. 

Apple has long dominated the creative world. From advertising to graphic design and coding to film making, Apple’s MacBook and MacBook Pro are the best options to deliver the power your team needs to complete big projects on time. 

Since MacBooks and MacBook Pros are at the top of the price range for laptops, it is critical to ensure that you have selected the right machines for your team. That’s why having the option to rent Apple MacBooks and MacBook Pros from a company like for your team to test prior to purchase is critical to making the right purchasing decision. 

Focus on traditional business needs

When it comes to selecting the right laptop for traditional business needs, nothing quite stands up to a laptop that runs on Microsoft’s OS. With Microsoft Office Suite retaining its title as the single most commonly used productivity application, a more traditional laptop is often the best option for many businesses.

Before you invest serious money in the purchase of a new fleet of laptops, renting allows you to try out the many options that might suit your business needs. With Windows laptop rentals, you have more brand options the brand and choices when it comes to the processor and RAM for your laptops. Many rental companies also offer options to customize your rental to help you know exactly the combination you need to meet your business goals.

Ready to go out of the box

When it comes to your laptop rentals, selecting the right rental company is critical. Your laptop rental partner should provide laptop rentals that are ready to go right out of the box, without any setup or additional work on your part. Imaging allows your rental partner to install all of the software you use before your laptop rentals ship – meaning that your rentals will be ready for your team to begin testing as soon as they arrive.

Control the budget

If you have concerns about adding the costs of laptop rentals to the total cost of outfitting your team with new machines, just remember that renting laptops to test before you buy can save you the heartache of a buyer’s remorse and ensure that you select the right machine for your company. 

Additionally, you can control the costs of your rentals. Your rental company partner will work within your budget and your business needs to help you select the right laptop rentals for your employees to test. You can even test multiple machines all at once – allowing your team to compare various laptops at the same time, which can save you time when narrowing down your purchase decision. 

Be confident in your purchase

While expert reviews and manufacturer specs can give you a good insight into the performance you can expect from your new laptops, the proof is in the pudding and you can never really know if you’ve chosen the right machine for your team until it’s in their hands. Renting laptops allows you and your team to put the machines to the test and make the best decision about which is right for your company before you purchase your new laptops. 

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