Lash Adhesive – Which One Should You Choose and Why?

Well – not all of us have the flawless lashes and sometimes, that’s how destiny discriminates – giving the perfect lashes to the boy next door who uses a shampoo as body-wash and face-wash, but there’s not much we can do. That’s when you need the falsies – but I guess, what is even more important is choosing the lash adhesive – if you don’t even have the right one, it can become a disaster! 

So – there are a ton of things you need to have in mind, but we have narrowed it down to a couple of points that will help you choose the right adhesive, and for all the right reasons – for all the seasons. So, here goes: 

1. Does the product align with the humidity in your area? 

This is a bigger consideration than you can initially guess – so, pay heed to this. If you get a lash adhesive that does not sit well with the humidity in your geographical area, it can all go for a toss! A lash adhesive has a cyanoacrylate base, which is what cures, in humidity to form an acrylic resin – that sticks! The higher the humidity in your area – the faster the lash adhesive would care – and that’s how it goes. So, you have to know the relative humidity in your area to get a proper lash adhesive! You’ll see the cure time provided at the back, and you can choose one accordingly.

2. How fast can you do it?

Well – speed matters, when you start off, you won’t be as fast as someone pro at it. You’ll take your sweet little time to get it right, and that’s alright – so, you need a lash adhesive that’s flexible to give you a second chance for correct lash placement. These do not have instant curing and you should start with one that will take a while to cure so that you can remove it as many times as you need, and set it right. 

3. Are you sensitive?

If you have sensitive skin – and your skin reacts to products – you already know you cannot be using anything. It might work great on any other skin type, but chances for you are always slim. Hence, get a lash adhesive that has your sensitive skin care conditions in mind, or else you don’t want to wake up the next day with reactions, allergies and the like. Some products which have stronger glue retention might cause irritation and numerous studies have found that, so prefer a gentler lash adhesive without compromising on your retention. It is important to keep the specific skin conditions in mind before settling on a lash adhesive – and if you find that you’re feeling irritated, do stop using right away and don’t wait for it to settle down, as you don’t want long-term repercussions on your eyes. 

4. How long will it stay?

Retention – a huge deal when it comes to lash adhesives, is very crucial to consider when you’re buying a lash adhesive, simply because you don’t want to keep reapplying it when it falls off, as that would be rather embarrassing now, wouldn’t it? So get something that will stay – and won’t need constant reapplication or frequent ones, either! Other factors which influence retention of lash adhesive include how you’re applying the lash adhesive the first time, and how fast your lashes grow and if you actually do a good job at maintaining them. 

5. How is the viscosity? 

It might so happen that you are a pro, but you like having a few extra seconds to make changes as and when you like. Viscosity is important, because it basically means consistency. So, get one with medium viscosity so that it sticks right and has great fumes, besides having great retention power. 

In the end, it all boils down to preference – you might be someone who prefers a silky thin lash adhesive than one that has strong or thick viscosity, and that’s alright – get one that allows you to feel silky smooth while retaining it longer. We know that sounds like a dream, so to make it easier for you, we’re here narrowing down choices and head over to for professional beauty supplies.

perfect lash adhesive

They have a perfect lash adhesive that stays for longer durations and is flexible enough for you to make last minute changes – but it wouldn’t fall off in the middle of your night and behave like Cinderella’s shoe. A girl needs her girlfriends and a good lash adhesive that has her lashes together – or else life can be a little of a nightmare – especially when you’re out on nights scouring the city, and getting that adrenaline rush and living the time of your life. So, don’t compromise – and don’t settle unless you’ve found your match (in your partner) or in your lash adhesive! 

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