Link Love: Book Nerd Edition

As I suspect is true with most lovers of stationery, I am also a book nerd. I particularly like the feel of book in my hands but I have also learned to enjoy the convenience and portability of ebooks and audiobooks. At any time, I am reading at least one book but often it’s more like three: one paper book, one audiobook and one ebook.

I had tried to switch to reading all fiction digitally because our house is absolutely bursting at the seams with books and it didn’t seem to make sense to keep hard copies of books I will most likely only read once. This spring, however, in an effort to read more “distraction free” I joined the Book of the Month Club.

Yes, THAT Book of the Month Club. The books are reasonably priced, curated like the front table at your favorite book store and delivered right to my door — an introverts dream. I promise this is not an advertisement for the BOTM club, I just wanted to share my digital vs. analog reading habits.

As a result of my new analog reading habit, I’ve had a lot more kismet reading moments. I can leave a book open on the table and read a page or two as I’m cooking or moving about my day that is a bit harder to do with a digital book which requires keeping the screen on or unlocking the device to read a page or two. And I do like being able to quickly flip pages to see how much longer a chapter is. Sometimes, that just requires folding back the page corner that is not as easy to do with a digital book.

I participate in the GoodReads reading challenge and I am currently several books ahead of my reading goal as a result of my 3-pronged reading approach.

Do you read a lot? Paper or digital?

In link news this week, there is a wonderful post about ink bottles, a post of tools for lefties (I’ve never used or owned left-handed scissors, in most places, they are as rare as hen’s teeth so I learned to use right-handed scissors but maybe I should try them?) and a post about pens and the Ukraine that I found thought-provoking.

What were your favorite links this week?




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