Nagahara Needlepoints from Franklin-Christoph — The Gentleman Stationer

Takeaways and Where to Buy

Whether you prefer one nib grinder’s style over another’s is simply a matter of personal preference, and this is a perfect example of how “the same grind” can vary from nib grinder to nib grinder. For everyday writing, the Kirk Speer Needlepoint offers a “smoother” writing experience that many people will prefer, but if you’re truly looking to write very small, consider the Nagahara grinds. Like the Esterbrook Needlepoint, the Franklin-Christoph nibs are standard JoWo stainless steel nibs with the interchangeable housings, so you can swap them into any other JoWo compatible pens in your collection, from Franklin-Christoph or otherwise. It makes for quite a versatile purchase.

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