Smartest Ways to Stick to Your Schedule and Increase Productivity

Being productive in your personal life is not as easy as it sounds. Apart from dealing with all the responsibilities that come with life, you have to do away with the distractions without the influence of an imposing figure as opposed to productivity at your workspace. Moreover while being alone, one tends to lose track of one’s time as they invest way too much time in one thing in particular and end up having little to no time for all the other activities that they have planned out. 

The solution to this particular hurdle is simple, elegant and common knowledge. Plan out your schedule meticulously along with strict time slots for each and every activity so that you have your productivity at the optimum level. Now everybody knows that making a schedule is as easy as it is hard to strictly adhere to that schedule. You may also use a scheduling app to help you stay right on the schedule. So today we are going to be looking at some of the smartest ways out there so that you can ensure that you stick to schedule that you have prepared for yourself. 

1. Set daily goals:

Notwithstanding your schedule, you need to set some attainable goals every day. At the beginning of your day, you need to work out what would be your aim that day. and once you decide on that, no matter what attain that, even if it means cutting back on your stipulated free time. In the beginning, it would be difficult and you would feel like giving up at times. But you need to keep in mind that everything begins with small steps. So do not feel disheartened if you feel tired or wanting to give up. It is only natural that you would feel aversion to it in the beginning. 

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2. Set self-imposed deadlines:

The secret to optimum time management lies in finishing your work as early as possible without waiting for the deadline to near. Most people only start working after the deadline gets considerably near. This ultimately leads to unwanted pressure which is one of the primary reasons why the work is done under the duress of deadline is not really the best that a person can do. So before beginning any work, impose a self-determined deadline. And make sure to abide by it strictly. Restrict your leisure time if you fail to meet those deadlines so that you do not lack the motivation to beat the deadlines. 

deadline - stick to your schedule

3. Follow the ‘Two Minute rule”:

This rule is the brainchild of entrepreneur Steve Olenski. He says that if you get a break or a gap between your schedule, and you have something at hand that can be finished within two minutes, then you should finish that task. The task can be something as simple as changing the ink carton in the printer to watering your plants. Whatever be it, if it is possible to finish it under two minutes and you get an adequate break, then instead of resting straight away, finish it up first and then laze about.

The reason behind this is that often we see that it is the small tasks that bog us down and hamper our schedule as we do not attribute enough importance to them. 

4. Quit multitasking:

Yes, you read that right. A lot of the entrepreneurs or self-proclaimed influencers and motivational speakers can be seen going on and on about multi-tasking and how it has helped them in their lives. But talk to any specialist in the area, and you would know that multitasking not only reduces your efficiency, but also severely cripples your thought process. So if you are working on something that requires you to work your brain, then stop multi-tasking right now.

Focus on one task at a time. In spite of the apparent appeal of multi-tasking, it is proven that sticking to one task at a time is technically more efficient and produces better work at a considerably lesser amount of time. Psychological studies in the field have conclusively shown that multitasking hampers both time management and productivity. 

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5. Take advantage of the limbo:

Most people go from somewhere to start working. People who work from home, usually take some time to get into the mindset to start working. This is the time which is precious. No matter how insignificant it appears, this time actually can be used for some basic things like checking out your emails, making a to-do list, or even setting up your daily goals. No matter what it is, this is the time which can be used for these works.

Most of this stuff does not even require more than ten minutes. So within half an hour, you can get into the mindset to work and get some work done even before starting your workday. As for people who commute, instead of listening to songs, playing games, or scrolling through social media, doing the aforementioned activities would only lead to more productivity and you might even be ahead of your schedule. 

6. Turn off notifications:

Before you start working on your task, make sure that you turn off notifications for everything except the ones that are imperative to you. Do not venture into social media, or even into your email for that matter. Check it later after you have successfully completed your task. This will make it more feasible for you to stick to your schedule and save time. 


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7. Be proactive, not reactive:

Almost every person starts the day’s work depending on what is at their desk in the morning. Be it an email, or a phone call. Basically, their entire day is defined by the reaction they have to the initial calls at their desk. But this does not allow you to work to your fullest potential. Instead of winging your day by reacting to the work ahead, formulate a comprehensive attack plan to tackle the day’s work, so that you can easily deal with your deadlines, and if there is time left or you can manage some free time, attend to the notifications. A better alternative would be to leave a time slot in your schedule free to respond to the important calls and meetings. 

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