Smead Poly Project Organizer

Ironically I find myself feeling like I’m not super organized sometimes, yet I love organizing products.  This Smead Poly Project Organizer seemed like it would be right up my alley and maybe be that spark that helps me to be better organized. I scooped one up via Amazon right here, so lets take a closer look.

Smead Poly Project Organizer Cover

The overall measurements of the Smead Poly Project Organizer are 10.5″ by 11.5″ and has a cover with a clear pocket as well as 12 tabbed dividers with pockets on each side for a total of 24 storage pockets and also a zip up pocket in the very back.  The binding is a very sturdy feeling plastic that seems well finished on each end so it shouldn’t snag on anything.

Smead Poly Project Organizer Inside

So here are the insides of the Smead Poly Project Organizer, and you can see that each divider has a clear plastic covering that allows you to slip in all kinds of large and small documents. Each divider has this pocket flap on both sides, so you have a total of 24 pockets to store documents. When I first picked this up and held it in my hand I was disappointed because it was very floppy feeling and didn’t offer any sort of rigid support.  Upon starting to put some documents and receipts in here though, it began to firm itself up instead of flopping under its own weight.

Smead Poly Project Organizer Pockets

Here you can see a close up of a standard size sheet of paper slipped into one of the pockets.  The tabbed dividers themselves are multi colored and you will find 2 tabs of each of the following colors: yellow, orange, pink, green, blue, and purple.

Smead Poly Project Organizer Back Pocket

In the very back of the Smead Poly Project Organizer, there is a clear zip up pouch that has an internal capacity of about 11.25″ by 5.5″.  Personally I found it convenient for holding flat objects like index cards, small note pads, sticky notes, sticky flags, mechanical pencil refills and the like. I didn’t however like the feeling of things when I had pens or pencils in it because closing a big fat round fountain pen within a flat object just feels a little awkward. But overall I really like this Smead Poly Project Organizer with all of its folders and bright colors.  Maybe it will help in my quest to be more organized, or maybe not, but its definitely a great option to help wrangle some of the loose paper in your life.  Have a look on Amazon and grab one here if you like.

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