Tech Advancements Coming Soon to a Home near You

It may be very hard for some of us to imagine that the futuristic technology that we see in movies might one day become a part of our daily lives. Smart technology has been around for years as innovators produce life-changing products that are continually improving how we live our lives. 

Where a decade ago, the idea of controlling your home lights and thermostat from afar used to be a foreign concept for most of us, it is a common occurrence in houses nowadays. 2019 has been a year of innovation, and many advancements in technology have been made. Just as smart light and security systems seamlessly integrated into our daily lives, here are other tech advancements that you can prepare to use in your house. 


There has been much talk of automated robots in recent years, but 2019 has proven to be a very beneficial year for the automation industry.  Thanks to the advancements made by Tesla and other self-driving cars, the concept of automated robots has become much more efficient. Many robots with limited functionalities like iRobot etc have been introduced in homes for cleaning purposes, but a prototype robot is being developed in Germany that will be able to do a lot more than just cleaning. It won’t be long before we see automated helpers in our homes

Smart Bathrooms

When it comes to bathrooms, you might be wondering what can be done to make them more technologically advanced. Well, there are several toilets under experimentation that retrieve the urine and stool samples of a person using it. By examining their excreta, they would be informed if they have any diseases such as diabetes, colon cancer, etc. Furthermore, toilets will soon be able to tell women if they are pregnant.

Other features include a full-on music system according to your mood and an automated flushing and deodorizer system to keep your toilet as clean as possible.

Furniture and Appliances

One of the most exciting aspects of technology is how it has affected furniture and appliances used in the home. Where automated thermostats and controllable lights are already a part of households, there are a lot of innovations coming your way in the form of better seating chairs, tables, desks, storage devices, and other accessories. If you want to try out the latest improvements in house designs, I suggest you consider height-adjustable tables and mood-based lighting systems, all of which are available at the Teknion Store.

Streaming and Entertainment Devices

The days of cable are long gone. Many are already shifting to the future of entertainment, which lies in centralized streaming systems such as Netflix and Youtube. Future homes will likely replace cable TV as a whole, and Netflix, tablets, and smartphones will become more common in households as opposed to installing cable wires and ethernets

Private and Secured Networks

The last but not the least important things that will soon become a part of every household are closed and private networks. As most devices in a household will soon be controlled through the internet, future homes must contain a more secure way to conduct communication between these systems. 

Along with this, personal home security systems will be put into place. CCTV cameras and alarms will soon become facially-recognizable machines, and homeowners will only be allowed to bypass the private security system once they are facially authorized to do so. All of these systems will be made usable through mobile phones, which will further increase their accessibility. 

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