The Re-engineered Beanbag – A Review of The Moonpod

Beanbags are generally the furniture of the young and the youthful. Best known for their malleability, this casual lounge chair is long overdue for an adult makeover. Enter Moonpod. Advertised as containing high-density beads and promising ergonomic support, the Moonpod is essentially a grown-up version of a beanbag.

The Moonpod is not only a more mature beanbag, but it also promises to reduce anxiety and stress. According to its marketing, the Moonpod decreases stress and anxiety by supporting the body in a manner similar to floating. The high-density beads are said to create the same feeling as that induced by flotation therapy. Floatation therapy is an exercise where a person is left to float in a closed tank of water. The feeling of floating and the darkness helps to relax the body, which alleviates stress and anxiety. However, unlike floatation therapy, the Moonpod user remains completely dry and there is no sensory deprivation. It’s therefore hard to believe the idea that the Moonpod and flotation therapy is comparable.

The Moonpod can be manipulated into three positions: upright, reclined and flat. When laying flat, the Moonpod does induce the user to feel as though they are buoyant. The firm structure of the chair supports the body in a manner that allows the user to release tension. In the other two positions, however, one does not feel buoyed up. In the upright and reclined position, the Moonpod is more like the traditional beanbag. It is comfortable to sit in, but it is very close to the ground, making the user feel rather juvenile.

The malleability of the Moonpod means that it conforms to the shape of the user’s body, very similar to memory foam. However, unlike memory foam, the beads are able to provide contoured support. This means that the body is enveloped by the chair rather than just resting against it. This is particularly good for those who suffer from back pain. It can be a bit uncomfortable for anyone who is taller than average or has a wider than average girth. When laying flat, you may find that parts of you hang off the ends. When sitting upright, you may find that your elbows don’t fit within the contours of the chair. This does somewhat negate the comfort factor.

Shaped like a jelly bean, the Moonpod isn’t attractive to look at. It stands out rather starkly against other furniture and would be more at home in a gym or a spa. Fortunately, the chair is easily stored. Weighing only 12 pounds and measuring just 4 square feet it can be moved and stored with little effort. The cover is also machine washable which makes it easy to keep clean.

The classic beanbag chair is known for the sound it makes when anyone sits in it. The Moonpod, by contrast, is virtually silent. This is a great advantage for when babies are sleeping or when a movie is playing. The high-density beads also promise to be long-lasting. Unlike the beads used in other beanbag chairs, the Moonpod’s beads are purported not to lose their shape over time. It is impossible to verify this claim though, as the Moonpod is fairly new on the market. However, the Moonpod does re-form into its natural state fairly quickly even after repeated use.

The current market price for the Moonpod chair is $399. For what the Moonpod offers, the price is steep. Even for a grown-up beanbag chair, the price is far too much.

In general, the Moonpod is a significant improvement over the traditional beanbag chair. It offers a more mature design and structure, as well as improved functionality. Users will enjoy the ergonomic and contouring nature of the Moonpod’s high-density beads. They are, however, not guaranteed to experience the benefits of floatation. Furthermore, the Moonpod is built low to the ground. As a result, adults will feel awkward using it as a chair. Fortunately, the Moonpod is easily stored out of sight. This Moonpod review doesn’t see the justification for the $399 price tag, given that it offers only a more mature version of casual seating. The Moonpod is, however, an impressive concept and its ergonomic properties would benefit those with back pain.

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