Top 3 Tips for Choosing an Ecommerce Website Builder

Creating your own online store can be as intimidating as it is exciting. One of the biggest worries people have when opening a store is not having any visitors. This is why the planning and implementation phase is so critical to creating your site. Using an eCommerce website builder will help you to avoid key mistakes, so your online store can be a hit.

First, let’s talk about what an online store is and isn’t. 

Your online store should be a virtual marketplace showing off your great products and providing a space for excellent customer service. The design, layout, and content should have your target audience in mind.

Your eCommerce site should not be a page thrown together haphazardly without a vision, clear goals, and inaccurate or confusing information. Make sure to avoid these 5 mistakes when creating your online store and we are sure you will be a success. 

Mistake #1: Using the Wrong Platform

Before we even discuss products consider the platform you are using. Every good house needs a solid foundation, so choose a platform that meets all of your needs. Ucraft, for example, offers a drag and drop site builder with an easy online store platform. 

A good eCommerce website builder should offer the following:

  • A template that allows you to drag and drop design elements to make it your own 
  • Security with SSL encryption 
  • No hidden fees for your customer
  • Payments should be instant so that your customers can buy merchandise without issues
  • Tax rates – having a built-in tax calculator is a must 

Another aspect to consider is how your platform supports the longevity of your business. For example, you might need a dropshipping option.  If so, choose a platform that can connect you to fulfillment solutions so your platform can support your expansion. 

Mistake #2: Inventory 

As an online store, managing your inventory is one of the most important factors. A good business plan that has been well-thought-out and implemented must include a clear vision of how you will receive, upload, and ship your goods. 

One of the biggest mistakes new online stores often make is not investing in an automated inventory system. This lets your customers know the second you sell out, so you don’t get tangled in refund and customer service nightmares. 

Typically, a good eCommerce website builder platform will have a dashboard that allows you to add products manually or in bulk.  Sites like Ucraft, for example, have their own Inventory Management System which adjusts the quantity for each product and syncs across all of your platforms. 

Mistake #3: No Optimization 

It’s a fact that over 90% of all people are accessing sites and making online purchases from their smart devices. One of the worst mistakes people make is NOT designing their site to be 100% responsive. This includes not optimizing images and other media, resulting in delayed loading time.  

You have about 3 seconds to attract, intrigue, and convert your potential buyer, so optimize all of the images on your online store if you haven’t already done so. 

Another important aspect of optimization to remember is SEO. Here are 3 tips to improve your store’s SEO now:

  • Creating new and original content that is made for your target audience
  • Keywords – when used naturally to describe your products, keywords can lead to excellent searchability 
  • Get a great SEO app or plugin, like Yoast 

Pro Tip: FAQ’s – This is a great opportunity to communicate with your customer and provide information that can create a better customer service experience and an option to add keywords for search engines. 

Take Away 

An online store is a great start for advertising and selling your products. That being said, so many people make some serious mistakes that can deter customers instead of converting them. We suggest choosing the right eCommerce website builder that allows you to manage and design your site and inventory. Your customers want a safe and secure experience that offers easy payment and shipping details. Last but not least, get optimized across the board from SEO to load times – these tricks will increase organic traffic and your conversions as well!

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