Virtual Events Platforms That Are Changing the Events Landscape

While work-from-home and remote working became the norm, 2020 was an eventful year for the global events industry. While the initial few months were used to form an appropriate response to Covid-19, the latter half of 2020 was spent defining and designing the new events landscape. It did not take much time for virtual events to become the new face of the industry.

From simple small-sized team meetings to big large-scale events with participants from across the globe, the industry saw the birth of a couple of virtual events platforms that truly redefine the events horizon.

In a report released by international events organizer Reeds Exhibitions, it has been noted that Covid-19 had key lessons for every stakeholder in the events industry. At least 83% of exhibitors and visitors have used at least one new virtual event platform ever since the lockdown.

Online events are now the way to go, with more than 59% of visitors to exhibitions and events showing interest in signing up for virtual events, including trade events. In comparison, 43% of exhibitors say that they are comfortable fulfilling their event objectives online medium. A whopping 65% of visitors believe that the hybrid model – a combination of digital and in-person events will work the best in the post-Covid-19 era.

Responding fast to the changing needs of the event industry were technology platforms. As a result, a handful of credible virtual events platforms evolved in the last few months. One notable platform that is taking the industry by storm is Hubilo. A platform that started as an event management software evolved to become a competitive virtual event platform; the San Francisco-based technology firm was swift and agile to respond to the events industry’s challenges during Covid-19.

Today, Hubilo is actively being used in 100+ countries globally, having facilitated almost 2500+ events to date. The virtual platform with advanced and intelligent features has hosted two million-plus attendees driving 100 million-plus engagement and 50,000+ virtual session hours. By no means could this be possible had the platform not been innovative enough to re-align with the industry’s demands.

A spokesperson from Hubilo mentioned, “When the lockdown was announced, the event industry was unprepared for the roller-coaster ride that was in store for them in the next few years. There were uncertainty and chaos – no one had any idea what to do. That was the time when our CEO &Founder, Mr. Vaibhav Jain, initiated the discussion around a virtual events platform that is robust and reliable.”

The spokesperson continued, “With the enterprising and proficient team we had on hand, we could easily take up the challenge to design and develop a platform with cutting-edge technology. We are proud of the fact that we could bring a platform that has the power to seamlessly connect thousands and millions on a single platform within minutes. Hubilo is not just another cloud-based video conferencing platform; it is way beyond any other platform, created specifically for the events industry.”

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“So, you have features like community banners and custom URLs that can be used for branding an event, with integrated sponsorship opportunities, exhibitor dashboards for lead retrieval, and a platform that can be downloaded as an app for remote check-in. Virtual booths, one-to-one chats, video meetings, importing attendee list, supported ably round the clock by our customer support team and bots – we have built-in a plethora of features that facilitate virtual conferences, trade meets, award shows, fairs, etc. seamlessly. To celebrate the essence and significance of virtual events and the need to use specialized platforms like Hubilo, we are organizing the event Restart 2021: The Era of Experiential Digital Events on 23rdand 24th March 2021.”

About Restart 2021

The latest in Hunilo’s line of events for marketing and event professionals, Restart 2021 is expected to see 4000+ professionals worldwide participating across two days and twelve sessions. Expected to create ripples in the industry, the event is all set to see marketing professionals networking and showcasing their unique contributions and offerings so that the industry as a whole can leverage the true potential of the digital revolution and virtual events. You can register for this event here.

About Hubilo

Hubilo is a market leader in the Virtual and Hybrid event platform space. Hubilo makes it possible for organisations to provide an engaging & interactive event experience to their global audience and transform the way people connect, interact and host events through it’s virtual events platform.

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