What Is Web Chat?

What does web chat (live chat) mean? Why should your company use web chat? And what benefits can you receive by implementing this technology? In this article, we tell you what a live chat web app is and why you should use it for your business.

Today it’s a must for any business to have a stronger digital presence whether it’s e-commerce, IT, education, or any other industry. It’s more essential than ever to maintain regular communication with your audience and provide real-time digital engagement. It’s where web chat can be helpful.

What Is Web Chat (Live Chat)?

Web live chat is the tool that enables customers and website visitors to communicate directly with brands online and in real-time mode. Today there are a lot of live web chat apps for computers, mobile devices, and laptops. Live chat in the browser allows the user to type messages, share links, and attach images, files, and screenshots.

Why Should Companies Use Live Chat Web App?

According to the statistics, 63% of consumers are likely to return to that site after using web live chat. Adding this tool to your company’s website, you can:

  • Improve conversions by 12%;
  • Meet ever-growing customer expectations;
  • Increase in CLTV (customer lifetime value) and customer satisfaction;
  • Provide a higher return on investment (RoI).

So, seamless communication is one of the most cost-effective strategies for converting website visitors into buyers. Thus, the combination of excellent service with quick and valuable responses in a single online web live chat conversation can work wonders for your business. Below we outlined the key benefits provided by the live chat web app installed on your website.

Enhanced Customer Experience (CX)

Web live chat enables visitors and customers to make queries, which your agents respond to quicker than they are made via phone or email. This medium offers immediate solutions and, as a result, your visitors have a better brand experience.

How txt.me Supports Web Chat?

The txt.me customer support platform is not only a free chat application but a genuine omnichannel solution that can help businesses to take the communication with the customers to the next level. So, when it comes to web chat (live chat), you will get much more than a chatting app for PC or mobile.

All Digital Interactions In One Place

Being all in one txt.me desktop app, it enables the agents and clients to use just one single software to communicate and change the medium without interruptions and data loss. So, txt.me integrates all the major communication platforms (Social Media, Slack, WhatsApp, Skype, and many more) into one single customer interaction interface, starting with the installation of Live Chat on the website and then connecting more communication platforms. 

Cross-Platform Communications

txt.me is a free live chat web app that enables you to stay in contact with the customers whenever you are via any device/hardware you have at the moment. Thus, one txt.me desktop app allows you to easily embed a web chat experience right on your website and also get:

  • Live chat app for iPhone;
  • Live chat app for Android;
  • Live chat for Mac;
  • Live chat for Windows, iOS, etc.

Notifications to Alert Operators

However, web chat (live chat) on its own is not enough in case your visitors who had sent a message to customer service did not see a reply. That’s why the omnichannel customer support service software supports asynchronous messaging. Thus, even if a customer sends a message via chat on the computer and closes the browser, your agent can continue the conversation via any other medium with all the data saved.

Thus, for example, using txt.me, your agents can choose the icon of WhatsApp to continue the conversation there. So that it is much more convenient for the customers to solve the problem on the go using this platform. In such a way, you make your service even more user-centered and increase customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Therefore, txt.me is a way for a conversation to unfold over time so that it’s natural and convenient for both the customer and operator.

Takeaways: The Advantages Of Online Web Chat

Web chat should be an integral tool for evolving companies with a customer-centric service. This solution can become the best return on investment (RoI) when it comes to meeting your business goals.

Whether you use a free chat application or a paid one, the results will be impressive and your business will get the following advantages:

  • Reduced expenses (because the solution is cheaper than phone calls, for example);
  • Increased support service and customer experience;
  • Quick understanding of customer problems and needs;
  • Convenience for both customers and operators.

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