What To Do If A Defective Product You Were Using Injured You

Most of the time products that you buy are totally safe. They have gone through a rigorous process of testing them to make sure they satisfy the government regulations regarding their safe use. However, nothing is ever perfect and there are sometimes manufacturing defects that can cause injury through no fault of your own. 

There is a certain protocol when it comes to handling these instances in which the negligence of the manufacturer causes an accident. When you have an injury that needs medical attention or even a loss of income as a result, you should expect a settlement but you have to make sure that you do the necessary actions to make it happen. 

In this article, we will go over exactly what you need to do to make sure that you are protected in case you have an injury caused by a faulty product. 

Document everything

This is really the second step as the first step is quite obvious that you need to get medical help right away if there is an injury. That shouldn’t need to be explained.

However, you’ll need to have clear documentation of everything that happened from when you were injured. When you hire a personal injury lawyer like Lamber Goodnow they will need to know a lot of details to be able to bolster your case against the manufacturer. 

It starts with the date that you were injured as this is very important. The manufacturing date and the date that you use the product is a detail that will factor into the investigation into the defect. 

Then, you need to make sure you note what time you called the doctor, who you spoke to and what was said. Every phone call after this should also be noted and once again who you spoke with needs to be written down. An insurance company may not provide much in the way of information so having your own log will go a long way in front of a judge if it gets to that point. 

Figure out the damages

What you may be entitled to will be determined by what your situation is and how much it cost for medical expenses and lost income. 

For instance, you may have some out-of-pocket payments to an emergency room or doctor visit from the injury. If you are out of work for a time then this needs to be calculated as to what the lost wages were. You could also have a claim to lost future wages if the injury impacts your ability to keep your current job or profession. 

Always consult with your attorney

You may get some correspondence from the company that manufactures the product or their lawyers without first going through your attorney. Don’t ever speak to anybody without first consulting your attorney. Better yet, direct any correspondence to your attorney so that there is no possibility of something getting misunderstood or that you could be coerced into making a decision that doesn’t benefit you. 

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