Zebra Optex Care Highlighters

Probably one of the dumbest reasons I’ve ever bought a product, but I liked the package and I thought one of the highlighters looked like they might be red, so I grabbed these Zebra Optex Care Highlighters like a dummy.  Not to say they aren’t good highlighters, but its just a plastic box and the one highlighter definitely isn’t red, more like peach. Anyway, before we dig into the review, here is where you can grab a set for yourself on Amazon.

Zebra Optex Care Fluorescent Highlighters Both Tips

The Zebra Optex Care Highlighters are a dual tipped highlighter.  On one end you have medium size chisel tip and on the other end you have a fine point tip.  Both caps can be posted, and if you are worried about mixing up which end one goes on, don’t worry, you cant.  The end with the clip on it will only fit on the chisel tip end while the other non-clip end will only fit on the fine point end.

Zebra Optex Care Fluorescent Highlighters Cap Posted Snug

I was pleased with how the cap for the fine point end can be posted on the top when writing with it.  The cap fits on nice and snug and never feels like it might fall off.

Zebra Optex Care Fluorescent Highlighters Cap Posted Flimsy

Conversely, if you post the other cap from the chisel tip on the top while writing, it never quite feels secure. I never had it fall off while using the highlighter, however it definitely doesn’t feel like its firmly on there and it wiggles around a bit while its up there too which is a little annoying.

Zebra Optex Care Highlighters Writing Samples

Zebra Optex Care Fluorescent Highlighters Laser Print

In terms of the writing performance with these, they did an excellent job on this sheet of standard laser printer text. The ink dried pretty quickly and there wasn’t any sort of bleed or feathering from the ink, nor did it smudge the print.  It also didn’t bleed through the paper much at all, although I do use a little bit thicker paper than most in my laser printer.

Zebra Optex Care Fluorescent Highlighters Doane Paper

In terms of the Zebra Optex Care Highlighters being used on various inks and pencil, the results were mostly positive.  The only real situation where there was a problem was with the orange highlighter and the ink from a Fisher Space pen, surprisingly.  It smeared the ink a bit but luckily I was able to rub the tip over a sheet of scrap paper to remove the black ink and restore the tip to normal.  Overall the Zebra Optex Care Highlighters are a really nice writing highlighter with bright vibrant colors that didn’t cause any significant issues with the inks and papers I tested on.  Check them out right here via Amazon.

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